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Lieutenant Alistair Nicholas

Name Alistair Pal'din Nicholas

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Species Human/Romulan
Date of Birth May 17th
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 187 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description While he may tower over most of his peers, Alistair has compensated for his shorter-statured colleagues with a slight slouch in his every day posture. His gaze, despite any hardened features, remains soft and wistful.

Alistair is rarely out of his uniform on or off duty. While off duty, he prefers to take off his jacket, which is likely the least worn out piece of his uniform that he owns. His hair rests just at his neck line, typically as well-kept as his occasional facial hair choices. The length of his hair unintentionally hides his sole Romulan feature; ear tips that he rarely calls attention to on his own.


Father Jonothon Alexander Nicholas - a biochemist who works in a small Daystrom lab located in North Carolina.
Mother Vohela Sweetius-Nicholas - a culinary engineer and an absolutely magnanimous woman. Her original family name was Valdran, but she insisted upon changing it to Sweetius when she arrived on Earth.
Brother(s) Marcus Nicholas (40)
Isaiah Nicholas (20)
Sister(s) Alison Nicholas (37)
Katherine Isabelle Nicholas (24)

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first approach, Alistair is a quiet sort of guy. He rarely speaks unless he feels it necessary, choosing instead to observe and allow others to speak first. He reacts in most social situations as opposed to acts on his own accord. If someone wants to speak with them, they will come to him. Not that he will not speak with whomever does approach. On the contrary, he will happily engage in small talk and even deeper conversation. He does so with a touch of awkward politeness that he still has not quite mastered.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard Working
+ Focused
+ Observant
+ Patient and calm

- Doesn't do well in larger groups
- Does not adapt as well as he could
- Awkward
- Quick to anger when under pressure
Ambitions Since his time on a starbase, Alistair has an altruistic goal of helping those who may not be receiving the help they need. He also may have a desire to look into his Romulan culture, something he is discovering is more and more difficult the longer he procrastinates on the action.
Hobbies & Interests Reading (and writing) fiction, specifically sleuth novels
Cooking experimentation, which he rarely actually does due to limitation on a starship. He has settled for researching the topics and giving his mother ideas.
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan

Personal History Alistair Nicholas was born into a large family. As far as he knew, he would always have his parents, his four siblings, and at least two dogs and a cat on their spacious home in rural North Carolina. His father was a biochemist through Daystrom, and his mother a civilian culinary engineer who met his father while she was examining the atrocious replicator technology Starfleet stuck them with. His parents would go on to retire at the sign of their first child, and while they would eventually find themselves in applicable work fields when they did settle down, they would always found time for their children.

Regardless of how many members of the family were present, the Nicholas family always had a story to tell, but Alistair usually found himself at the edge of it. When he was young, he watched as his siblings created the antics he would go on to create tales with, tales that he would write down and tell his friends and (sometimes accidentally) his parents as well. It would earn him a fair few shoves out of his older siblings, but he always pressed on, never seeing the harm in it. When he was not authoring his next 'tall tale,' he was in the kitchen with his mother, who utilized their kitchen to transcribe and experiment with dishes she would eventually turn into replicator settings. It would turn cooking into an odd hobby, but one he would continue on through high school and into the Academy.

Being the third child and the third to survive the trials of teenagerdom, Alistair was all but expected to follow in his elder siblings' footsteps right into Starfleet. With little bother he did so, as it was simply the right thing to do. He would thrive in Academy, the four years it took for him to reach graduation being some of the best in his life.

Without prodding from his younger siblings, Alistair found that he was the one at the center of his own tales. And, as expected of the third Nicholas child, he had tales to create. He would find himself in the oddest of situations, managing to talk himself and his newfound friends out of trouble with the Academy Instructors with his learned politeness and a potential craftiness he gained while staying out of trouble in his formative years.

His first three years would find him declaring a focus in Starfleet Security, where he fit in quite well with his like-minded colleagues. This would culminate in a recommendation to join in on the senior tour program, which led him to a position on the USS Cassini, a Nova-class vessel set to explore the area just outside of known Federation space in Beta Quadrant. While he saw little excitement during this time, the young Alistair did just as well in his environment on the small Cassini as he did during his time in the Academy. He would do so well upon his first assignment that they took him in after graduation for two years, but it would not be long before he yearned for something that had a few more stories to observe.

It would lead him to take his first assistant chief position aboard a Galaxy-class vessel known as the USS Fargo. The larger vessel proved to have the stories he desired, as the ship had a more daunting task of acting as a diplomatic vessel repairing ties with Cardassians and the Dominion throughout the Alpha Quadrant. But, with the bigger vessel comes the larger issues. With the number of crew, he found himself thrown into the thick of his new role with little assistance. Their missions were much more daunting than that of the Cassini’s as well, taking Alistair out of his comfort zone before he felt he was ready. All the same, he persevered best he could. His only pause came in the form of news from his mother about the Hobus disaster. While he may not have been as close to his mother's side of the family, or his Romulan half at all, he felt the weight of the loss through both mother and crewmates.

Adversity would continue for the young man, now a Junior Grade Lieutenant, as he was transferred onto Starbase 29, an older starbase with a crew that was just as set in its ways as his own elderly relatives. He set to work all the same, working to keep the starbase safe, even if it was from simply a stray tribble or ten. The location of the starbase was far removed from most of the Federation's jurisdiction, set in place as a rest stop for most of Starfleet's exploratory vessels. As such, Alistair saw little activity, unless a ship stopped by. Despite any boredom, he felt it necessary to stay for six whole years, even when the chief of security retired from his position of an oddly large sum of years, leaving Alistair to take over the position in his stead.

His spark to request another transfer came in the form of a group of Romulan refugees. They were down on their luck, piled into a run down shuttle and told by just about everyone else they had asked that there was little that could be done for their situation. Incensed by this, Alistair made a bid to get them the help they so desperately needed. It would be reluctant on the part of the Commanding Officer, but with some insistence, Alistair managed to help the refugees stay on the starbase for a prolonged period of time. But even with a successful outcome, Alistair's spark was re-ignited, and he decided to turn around to request transfer to another ship. He was done sitting on his hands, and was quickly reassigned to the Vesta.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 2377 - 2380 (Cadet) Starfleet Academy, Security Track
USS Cassini - 2381 - 2382 (Cadet) Senior Level Tour
USS Cassini - 2382 - 2384 (Ensign) Security Officer
USS Fargo - 2385 - 2388 (Ensign - LT JG) Assistant Chief Security Officer
Starbase 29 - 2389 - 2395 (LT JG - Lieutenant) Assistant Chief Security Officer - Chief Security Officer
USS Vesta - 2396 (Lieutenant) Assistant Chief Security Officer

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