Lieutenant JG Ildri Lanik

Name Ildri Lanik

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Krios Prime
Species Kriosian
Date of Birth 04-08-2368
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5’4”
Weight 120 Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ildri, because of her short stature, tends to walk more forward on the feet to make her look taller. This has caused more than one issue with her feet but she cannot seem to make herself stop. She wears her long blond hair down whenever she can get away from it, although time on starships has dulled the color from the golden color it was in her childhood. If she spends any amount of time in the sun it lightens considerably. She is slender and keeps in shape by rock climbing and any other adventure she can get her hands on in the holodeck though she dislikes to run. Her blue eyes are quite captivating if she turns her gaze on you for more than a few seconds.


Father Gaith Lanik
Mother Marora Lanik
Brother(s) Maeron and Mahlin Lanik (twins)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ildri can be kind, generous, sarcastic, timid or brave depending on the situation. She is very much affected by the emotions of others and will respond to them based on how she is treated. If treated well then she is kind and returns the kindness. If treated cruelly she is a force of nature and has a hard time holding her tongue or her temper. Ildri loves to talk to animals and often has long conversations with creatures others might find amusing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Strong sense of duty
Caring and warm personality
Able to decipher emotion through body language

Has a fiery temper when pushed
Neglects herself if she feels others need her presence more
Has difficulty with nerves in certain situations
Ambitions None. Ildri only wants to help people and has no interest in her rank of career otherwise.
Hobbies & Interests Rock climbing, reading Jane Austen Novels, Knitting, baking alien desserts.

Personal History Ildri was born on the farm her parents had purchased through a dividend given by her grandfather upon his youngest daughter’s marriage. Ildri was raised away from the high society of her mother’s past due to her having been conceived out of wedlock. She has never met her grandparents and her mother does not speak of them. Three boys followed, a set of twins and a younger son. Ildri was raised and treated the same as any of the boys.

As a child she often showed great sympathy and alertness to feelings. She loved to be outdoors and would often look forward to the first mud bath of the spring. She rarely wore dresses, except to town, and kept her hair long and free flowing despite her mother’s objections. With three sons to run the farm Ildri was expected to make her own life, though her mother thought she should settle down and give them grandkids, she had other ideas. As far back as she could remember she had looked to the stars and wondered who was looking back at her. Though Kriosians are rare in Starfleet she found someone to sponsor her application and was accepted just after her 18th birthday. She packed up her few personal items, said goodbye to her family and began what she thought would be a lifelong adventure.

She was wrong. Starfleet Academy was difficult for her, she had a hard time making friends, not because she was shy but because she tended to tell people the truth as clearly as possible. She was super sensitive to motion sickness and even a short shuttle ride had her completely taken out. But Ildri thrived in classes. Being very intelligent and curious she excelled in almost everything she put her mind to. With some help from a sympathetic medical student she was able to kick the motion sickness even when the inertial dampers weren’t perfectly aligned and pass all required classes. She graduated near the top of her class and went on to Starfleet Medical with an interest in counseling to helpfully hope others like herself make transitions easier.

Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Delestrez as a counselor. Once settled she was pleased with her choice in career and felt as she she were making a difference. She had difficulty helping one person in particular, a Commander Derek Hurd. His past in the Dominion war haunted him and she feels he may be the one case that she let slip through her fingers. Despite her training she had not had to deal with his level or loss and guilt as she’d experienced a relatively happy childhood and was new to the fleet. After spending two years on the Delestrez she was transferred to the USS Amalthea as Assistant Chief Counselor.

Because of Commander Hurd, she didn’t necessisarly believe she deserved the promotion but did not let that stop her from pushing through that particular difficulty to help others. If someone could be helped by lack of sleep or her constant presence she was always willing to see things through to the end. She fell in love during this assignment though the gentleman in question never knew she existed. Ildri felt she had no idea how to act around him, and spent much of her time trying to convince herself that he would like her for who she was. By the time she had settled on relaxing around him she found out he was dating another woman. To this day she has trouble with relationships as the subject seems to be her only social hangup.

When she discovered an Chief Counselor spot had opened up on the USS Vesta in 2396, she happily applied and was transferred there the same year hoping that she could leave her past behind her and find a sense of happiness in her new assignment.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2386-2390
Starfleet Medical: 2390-2392
USS Delestrez: Counselor 2392-2394
USS Amalthea: Assistant Chief Counselor 2394-2396
USS Vesta: Chief Counselor 2396-present