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Lieutenant Commander Asahi Kita

Name Asahi Kita

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Date of Birth November 23rd, 2360
Age 39 (36)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 132 lbs.
Hair Color Naturally light brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Asahi formerly kept himself fit as possible due to the necessity of his position as Engineer. Since his return a year prior, he has let himself lax on the routine he made for himself. And while he prefers to stick to appearance regulations while on-duty, and even due to the nature of his new position, there is no fail to the smudge that will appear on Asahi's uniform throughout the day. For whatever reason, the longer the shift he has, the more likely something will attract itself to his uniform and affix itself one way or another.

He does not have an extreme number of scars, save for the faded patch of skin on the back of his neck.

He has an accent similar to that of every San Franciscan, even when he's navigating his way through the Japanese language.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Takeshi Kita [Deceased]
Mother Seshi Macae [Council Member, Haumea Colony]
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Shinji and Ai Kita [Paternal Grandparents, retirees of Starfleet, deceased]
Aarav Macae [Maternal Grandfather, current owner of Sumi Saloon]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Asahi is just as his upbringing suggests; colorful. His outward facade is optimistic and warm, ready to offer a hand if he feels he can do something about a situation. Recently, he has closed himself off further from immediate strangers and those he is only professionally friendly with, events from previous assignments creating a desire to keep himself distant from those he feels he may never see again. He is not without a desire to connect, but Asahi tries to keep to himself, or his dog, for the most part.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quick-witted
+ Physically Swift and Flexible
+ Extreme patience (with training and certain dilemmas)
+ Adaptable to most subjects placed in front of him
+ Gifted with words

- Extreme Familial Pride
- Tactless in Questioning
- Tunnel Vision
- Ignorant to a Fault
- Panics Under Pressure
Ambitions Asahi's return to his timeline has given the man the chance to reassess his desires, turning to Starfleet to help him preserve what he can of his life and the timeline.
Hobbies & Interests Reading engineering and science texts to keep himself up to date, tinkering, holodeck entertainment simms, developing and tinkering with holodeck simms, collecting model ships, and tasting foods his never encountered before (ask him about that one time with the taspar eggs!)
Languages Fluent in Federation Standard, Japanese, and Denobulan. If asked, can press together various phrases in Klingon and Cardassian

Personal History Asahi was born out of a surprise turned blessing to circus performer Seshi Macae and then Starfleet Commander on shore leave, Takeshi Kita. The birth was just as quiet as the wedding that came of it, surrounded by both Seshi’s circus-faring family and Takeshi’s ‘traditional’ Starfleet lineage. After the decision was made for Takeshi to retire and leap into his wife’s topsy-turvy life, it was determined that Asahi would also be raised with his parents and the circus all around him.

From that point, learning took place on the go, and he he was plenty inquisitive enough; animals were asked about, parts were poked at, and other races were ogled and animatedly chatted with. Not even a negative reaction would stop his undying curiosity, much to the ire of his parents. After five years of chasing after their son, and at least three incidents that could have potentially lead to bigger trouble, Seshi made the call to have Asahi obtain a more conventional education.

He was sent to live with his father's parents, two former Starfleet officers themselves, in San Francisco while he was thrown into one of the more reputable schools in the area. Asahi found the new form of learning dull, instead turning toward his own methods to find his answers. Typically after his lessons, Asahi was found tinkering with some form of electronic, or rigging something in the classroom to throw confetti in the middle of class. This naturally landed him in the principal's office more times than not, much to the ire of his grandparents. As the years wore on and Asahi grew older, his troublemaking ways only aged with him, stellar grades or not.

Bullies at school gave Asahi another outlet, which he utilized much to the dismay of his grandparents. At age 15, an incident that led to a classroom explosion saw Asahi suspended, which led to an argument with his grandfather. This would ultimately be the catalyst that sent him back to the circus, but not without consequences. He would continue lessons, but distance homeschooled by his grandfather, who insisted upon it. It would be during these studies that the two would inevitably bond over a mutual love of tinkering and engineering, which led to Shinji urging and encouraging Asahi to join Starfleet. This would be a path the young boy did not think to take, assuming he would (stubbornly) be part of the circus for the rest of his years. But Shinji made the option appealing, as space was also an interest for the young boy.

At age 16, Asahi agreed to take a tour of the Academy, apprehensive of institution that stood between him and space exploration. This trip would never come to fruition, as his tour would coincide with the Breen's assault on the Academy, taking with it the grandfather who was supposed to guide him through the tour. Stricken with grief, the young boy found a new resolve, applying for the Academy the moment the institution was rebuilt and taking new applicants.

After passing the entrance exam with ease, Asahi turned his grief into a narrow-minded desire to succeed. His four years at the Academy would result in graduation and an immediate transfer into his first assignment, the USS Grendel. It was on the Grendel that he met an old friend of his father's, Captain Maya Killick, who saw Asahi's potential and had sights to groom him for command. Despite her desires, the young engineer had little interest in an accelerated track, instead choosing to work toward his promotions and his reputation. After four long years on the USS Grendel, he spent another four on the USS Fargo,. He earned a reputation for being a quick thinker who was not afraid to get things done, but he kept himself quiet and humble on both assignments, for his own reasons.

A second transfer was in order, to the USS Galileo, as the ship was in the middle of dealings with a newly awakened Borg Cube. Once he helped his new crewmates through the situation, he found himself swept into a series of promotions that led to Chief Engineer in a few short months. He took the new duty on with a sense of pride, taking to the responsibilities of being a leader as if a newfound big brother. Each new mission aboard the Galileo overturned another stone of thought in his mind, allowing him to see everything in a brand new light.

But the period of bliss would not last forever, as the sudden death of Asahi’s grandmother would be the catalyst to have him rushing back home. By this time, the family had already received a devastating blow when his father was found with a nasty case of hereditary Iresine Syndrome, leaving Asahi as the last reliable support for his mother. On his return to Earth, he took on both the affairs of his grandmother’s death as well as caring for his mother, which took a noticeable emotional toll. His mother would urge him to return to space exploration, which he would do after the year turned, returning to the fold of Starfleet in a new assignment the USS Viking.

While on the Viking, he discovered not only did he have a struggle in keeping up with his Engineering, but there were multiple moral and ethical debates he ended up having not just with the crew, but with himself, all while fending off the strange time and space phenomena that the Viking seemed to attract. He would go on for a year with the crew, shifting positions and becoming more vocal about his vehement distaste in their fiddlings with time and space, citing that 'something would happen to someone and no one was going to like it.'

It would be on their return trip from a mission in an alternate future that he would discover he was the unfortunate 'someone,' being tossed across time to the year 3094 on the fourth iteration of the USS Viking. Bewildered (and frustrated that he was actually right), it took him a full year to truly acclimate to his new surroundings aboard the USS Viking before deciding to get his commission reactivated and fling himself into the fold again. It would take him two years to re-acclimate himself to the new levels of technology, as well as the temporal mechanics and the sensitivity of a new position. When he completed his training, he insisted upon being placed aboard a timeship in the Timefleet, citing that he desired to learn more about how he got here in the first place. He was granted his assignment to the USS Clepsydra.

Asahi’s short-lived time aboard the Clepsydra would be spent helping sniff out a turncoat amongst the crew, which would lead down a path into an alternate history where Nazi Germany won World War II. His experience in the field would inevitably spook him out of investigations in Timefleet with a request to return home, but not without vowing to preserve the timeline by being vehemently against utilizing time drives before his ‘home time period.’

His return to the 24th century was not exactly as he left it, due to a rule put in place to preserve the timeline overall. He was deposited on a little-known Intelligence base, nestled in the Beta Quadrant, a year after his initial disappearance, to be re-assigned after once again re-acclimating himself to the return timeline. Contact with his friends and family was limited, due to both his desire to remain focused as well as Starfleet Intelligence wanting to keep his return under wraps until their own investigations on his initial disappearance were complete. Asahi would not allow them more than a few months before he proposed a solution; allow him to work as an officer within Starfleet Intelligence, which would keep him close while he would be once again out in active duty. He would be trained by Intelligence within a few months to take on the tasks necessary, before being assigned to the USS Vesta as the Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record 2377 - 2381 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2385 - Engineering Officer [USS Grendel; Ensign]
2385 - 2388 - Engineering Officer [USS Fargo; Ensign]
2389 - 2390 - Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lt. Jr. Grade]
2390 - Engineering Officer - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lieutenant]
2390 - Early 2391 - Chief Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lieutenant]
2391 - 2392 - Grievance Leave
2392 - Late 2392 - Chief Engineering Officer [USS Viking; Lieutenant]
Late 2392 - 2393 - Chief Flight Controller [USS Viking; Lieutenant]
2393 - Declared MIA
3095 - 3097 - Commission Reactivated, Temporal Mechanics Debrief [Starfleet Academy]
3097 - Chief Engineering Officer [USS Clepsydra; Lieutenant Reinstated]
3097 - 3099 - Rehabilitation
2394 - Returned, Declared Found, Kept at Intelligence Facility
2394 - 2395 - Retraining, Intelligence Field [Lieutenant]
2395 - Onward - Chief Intelligence Officer [USS Vesta]

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