Petty Officer 2nd Class Julia Evans

Name Julia Rosalie Evans

Position Nurse

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class


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Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Date of Birth 15-11-2360
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Julia has long dark blonde hair, which she usually wears in a loose bun during work. She has a toned body due to her love for running.


Spouse John Evans, CSTO USS Vesta
Children James (Jimmy) Marc Evans
Father Marc Taylor, Deceased
Mother Rose Taylor (Neé Thorne)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julia is a strong woman who didn’t have it easy when she was young, an experience that resulted in her fighting very hard to get what she wants and for the people she loves. She is very caring and nurturing and is a good listener.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Caring & Nurturing
+ Patient
- Can’t stand mess
- Restless
Ambitions Get her nurse practitioners papers
Hobbies & Interests Julia loves running and cooking, although she isn’t very good at the last, according to her family.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Two months before her birth Julia’s father died in a factory accident, something her mother would never recover from completely. Julia became everything for her, resulting in the woman suffocating her daughter from time to time in protectiveness. Despite the experience Julia and her mother still have a very strong connection and Rose visits her daughter as often as she can. Julia's Mum would often take her daughter to work in the medical clinic where she was a nurse and from a young age, Julia would help her mother attend patients, the less serious ones off course. She would read to them, or just chat with them.

When she was older she met a boy at school, John, who she became very close friends with. They would often play together and she spend a lot of time at his parents’ house when her mum had to work. John’s father became a father to her as well.

She never had any ambition to go to college and study and therefor she choose to become a nurse. The first two year of her enlisted nursing schooling she did on Luna and the final two on Earth, near John.

In John’s last year they got married and lived the remainder of his course in her little apartment. When he graduated they both got an assignment on the USS Washington as security officer and nurse. They both spent most of their time working wanting to gain as much experience in their fields as they could. Wanting to build their career's before starting a family.

In 2387 the Washington was one of the ships called in to aid the survivors of the Hobus events. Not that they could do much. The Washington was tasked with assisting the survivors resettle on New Romulus. Julia worked in the refugee center and John assisted security to help the people who lost their homes, families, everything.

After 7 years John got promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Security/Tactical on Starbase 179. A year after the couple moved to the Starbase their son was born. James Marc, called Jimmy by his parents.

Missing living on a starship they put in a request for postings for both of them on a starship when Jimmy was four years old. Unfortunately it took more than a year before it got through.

Their new life would be on the USS Vesta, one of Starfleet’s newest vessel. Where John would be the new Chief Security/Tactical officer. And Julia got a position as Nurse.
Service Record 2378-2380: Nursing school, Luna
2380-2381: Nursing school, San Fransisco, Earth
2381-2382: Starfleet Medical – Nurse
2382-2389: USS Washington – Nurse
2389-2395: Starbase 179 – Nurse
2395-now: USS Vesta – Nurse