Lieutenant John Evans

Name John Simon Evans

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Date of Birth 18-08-2360
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83m
Weight 82 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description John is a tall and muscular man who you can hardly miss. He has a commanding appearance which is handy during his work, but doesn’t match at all with his soft and caring personality.


Spouse Julia Evans
Children James (Jimmy) Marc Evans (5)
Father James Evans, retired marine commandant
Mother Mary Evans (Neé Smith)
Brother(s) Dennis Evans, Marine
Bradley Evans, Marine

Personality & Traits

General Overview John is the youngest of three brothers and had to fight to keep up with his brothers when he was young. Raised in a Marines family John is the outsider, choosing Starfleet instead of the Marines. John is strict with his men (and women) but fair. He loves going to the gym and running, something that has paid off when it comes to his body. He is also very caring and protective, especially towards his family.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good at prioritizing
+ Strict but fair
- Impatient
- Messy
Ambitions Become a CO someday
Hobbies & Interests John loves running and exercising. In his downtime he likes to read a holonovel, when time permits. Most of his free time he likes to spend with his family, doing crazy stuff with his son.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History John was born on August 18, as the third son of James and Mary Evans. He was born on Luna where he lived most of his childhood, with his father being placed there as the Commandant of the Marine Training facility on Luna. His brothers would always get him into trouble because he would follow them all the time only he wasn’t quick enough to get away to avoid getting caught. That’s also how he met Julia while they were still young. She was often helping her mother, one of the base nurses, when he got hurt and needed medical care. They became close friends and spend a lot of time together.

After high school he joined Starfleet academy much against his father’s hopes. He hoped John would follow his brothers and join the Marines, but John never had the aspiration for that. He wanted something different. The academy was the first time he was away from home and he loved it. Even if that meant leaving Julia behind. They managed to talk over subspace often, but he couldn’t wait to see her again; a wish that came true when Julia moved to Earth in his third year

In John’s last year they got married and lived the remainder of his course in her little apartment. When he graduated they both got an assignment on the USS Washington as security officer and nurse. They both spent most of their time working wanting to gain as much experience in their fields as they could. Wanting to build their career's before starting a family.

In 2387 the Washington was one of the ships called in to aid the survivors of the Hobus events. Not that they could do much. The Washington was tasked with assisting the survivors resettle on New Romulus. Julia worked in the refugee center and John assisted security to help the people who lost their homes, families, everything.

After 7 years John got promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Security/Tactical on Starbase 179. A year after the couple moved to the Starbase their son was born. James Eric, called Jimmy by his parents.

Missing living on a starship they put in a request for postings for both of them on a starship when Jimmy was four years old. Unfortunately it took more than a year before it got through.

Their new life would be on the USS Vesta, one of Starfleet’s newest vessel. Where John would be the new Chief Security/Tactical officer. And Julia got a position as Nurse.
Service Record 2378-2382: Starfleet Academy
2382-2389: USS Washington – Security Officer
2389-2395: Starbase 179 – Ass. Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2395-now: USS Vesta – Chief Security/Tactical