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Name R'ssa

Position Family Members

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Cait
Species Caitain
Age 12

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 115
Hair Color Tan/Brown w/ Light Beige Accents
Eye Color Gold/Green
Physical Description Not only shorter but also slighter than her mother, M'rrina; R'ssa has yet to hit the final growth spurt that will give her her adult height and bulk, but is also no longer quite "child sized"--a Caitain pre-teen with long, elegant whiskers but sometimes less than perfectly groomed fur.


Mother M'rrina

Personality & Traits

General Overview A reasonably typical pre-teen in her variable moods and occasionally lackluster attention to grooming, but also typical of the young of her species is full of energy in fits and spurts and can get into quite a bit of mischief as a result.
Strengths & Weaknesses By turns lively and energetic or sullen and annoyed, not atypical for her stage of life for most species. Dedicated and capable of intense focus when she finds something worthwhile or interesting; but tends to ignore things she's bored by or doesn't see a point in.
Hobbies & Interests R'ssa enjoys sports and games, as well as athletics overall, especially running, climbing, swimming, and hunting on the holodeck with her mother. She also has an eclectic variety of other interests typical of her age including reading teen novels and magazines, ignoring homework, and playing jokes on people that they would probably prefer she not.
Languages Federation Standard, Caitain, and a variety of alien curse words her mother would prefer she didn't know

Personal History R'ssa is the so far only child of Vesta communications officer M'rrina; she's a relative rarity among young Caitains the way twins are among humans, as she was the only kit in her birth, rather than the more standard twins or triplets. Though she was conceived on Cait, she has traveled with her mother to various assignments even before her birth and has spent most of her entire life living on starships.

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