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Karrun North

Name Karrun North

Position Bartender

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 243

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 143lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At 5'8 and 143lbs, Karrun has a tall lithe figure that strikes an imposing figure. With a strong jawline, smooth skin and bright blue eyes framed by long dark brown hair, Karrun has spent much of her life doing little work to keep her figure and appearance up, much to the disdain of many women she's known.

After decades of service on and off, along with her own drive to explore, Karrun has kept herself in shape, being deceivingly strong for a woman of her frame. Karrun generally keeps her long brown hair in a bun with some ornamental designs when shes feeling fancy, it tends to be rather messy though, as Karrun makes no attempt to keep it tight and clean. Rarely, Karrun lets her hair down, though when she does, take it as a sign that something interesting is about to happen.

Karrun keeps it simple, jeans, loose shirt, and a jacket. An interesting habit many have noticed about Karrun over the centuries though is that when you see her in a dress, you can tell that she's trying to look nice for someone or something.


Spouse Markus North [74] (Deceased)
Children Morhan Tellos [162] - Trill/El-Aurian
Samantha North [84] - Human/El-Aurian
Father Dearka [249] (Deceased)
Mother Leaon [418]

Personality & Traits

General Overview An intelligent driven woman, Karrun is a very open woman who looks to help those around her learn the ins and outs of the universe, to learn experiences that they would never be able to learn in their lifespan that she can impart from her own knowledge. A very go with the flow type personality, Karrun listens, but rarely acknowledges the rules set out in front of her by those in power and society itself.

A very outgoing woman, Karrun enjoys listening to the tales of those around her, giving advice now and again sometimes whether it’s wanted or not.

Despite her outgoing personality, Karrun is very guarded with her deeper secrets. She's been hurt to many times with losing those she loves to open up the darker parts of her psyche to just anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Long lived and experienced, Karrun is a wealth of knowledge that she enjoys teaching to those younger and less experienced than herself. Over the years however, Karrun's drifted towards the personality of being blunt and opinionated.

Very analytical, Karrun thinks out the angles of every situation, planning and plotting the best way to respond when in more working type interactions past the personal.

A listener, despite her tendency to be blunt, Karrun has an extremely large reserve of patience when faced with the everyday interactions.

Despite her bluntness though, Karrun has an interesting ability to talk her way out of most situations, her ability to listen and analyze working to help her figure out the best way to talk to someone.
A long lived, well-traveled individual, Karrun has experienced things that many others would not comprehend or be able to deal with. To that end, she has more than her fair share of traumatic experiences under her belt, some of which still haunt her to this day.
Karrun is not much one for the rules, looking to do what needs to be done regardless of what it might do to others around her. While this tendency to ignore the rules is generally rather casual, in flight or fight situations it drives Karrun to recklessness her natural drive to survive overriding her logical thought processes.
Ambitions To explore.
To experience every little thing that she can.

Karrun yearns to explore the galaxy, from end to end and to learn from everyone and everything that she can. With her species naturally long life span, she has already seen so much and knows she still has so much to learn.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Karrun enjoys to read the many books that she has acquired over the centuries. She has a particular preference to some of the older Earth works in the Thriller genre.

Karrun additionally has a vested interest in keeping track of her two children. Though both are well into their adulthood and have ventured far from their mother, she knows that they will always need her. Thus she keeps track of them as best she can.

Personal History Karrun was born on September 29th, in 2149 in Tycho City on Luna. Born to a pair of Anthropologist El-Aurians studying the human race in hiding, Karrun was from the beginning always studying the people around her, something that was driven into her by her parents own insatiable need to study humanity and the many species that they were now meeting for the first time. A very curious child with a need to explore the every nook and cranny that she could find, Karrun was the kid that was everywhere looking into everything. Things would only get worse when she was 6 and her father would die in an industrial accident. In said accident, Karrun’s father Dearka was following a small mining team studying their ‘economic’ impact in a booming Sol economy. Being only 6 years old, Karrun was of course sad, but wouldn’t really understand what happened, or the effect it had on her until she was older. Already inquisitive and adventurous child to boot, Karrun’s aptitude for getting into trouble with her mother for going too far sneaking into something or somewhere that she wasn’t supposed to be only grew. By the time she was 13 Karrun was hanging out with friends who were not only older but less than reputable in the eyes of her mother. It was with these friends that Karrun would go on a ‘joyride’ of sorts with them, only for it to end in a crash when the pilot was far too distracted by the others having fun in the back. Hospitalized for a week while she healed, the scare Karrun put into her mother and herself helped to somewhat straighten her out.

After finishing school and attending University for Anthropology in London back on Earth, Karrun spent time working with the Vulcans to help them interpret the nuances of human culture. It was during this time that Karrun was first outed as being not entirely human when the Vulcan she worked closely with, T’pel deduced certain facts on what Karrun said and her own slowed aging process. Though T’pel promised to keep her secret, by the time she hit 31, Karrun knew it was time to move on. Promising to write her mother and T’pel, Karrun hoped on the freighter with the furthest destination from Earth and went out to explore the universe.

Over the next 35 years, Karrun went from planet to planet studying the cultures of the planets and listening to the many stories of the people living on them. Of note, Karrun spent a year on Betazed after contracting the Aromian Virus, studying their interesting house structure and how it interacted with the democratic side of their government as well as their insistence on marrying in the nude. Along with her time on Vulcan in which she spent time studying the teachings of Surak with tutelage from T’pel and the 2 years studying the war like culture of the Andorians on Andor, some of Karrun’s most interesting time abroad was when she spent a year and a half on Cait. Their culture was fascinating in their own drive to understand the universe, one that at times made her feel as if they could match her own need to understand. That was when she found out about the Trill, a species that was very secretive about many aspects of their culture. Wanting to crack that nut and get to know the Trill as a species, Karrun hoped the first transport from Cait and after almost a year of hoping frieghters, managed to get to Trill. Studying the Trill was fascinating to Karrun, their secretive culture (At the time, the true aspects of the Trill and their symbiosis with the symbionts was hidden from much of the universe), to the interesting heirachy that seemed to have no real sensical system as to how who got where and what. Karrun spent almost a decade on the planet before she met a Trill by the name of Jascon Tellos, a fellow scientist who the Trill Science commission would later assign to her as a liaison. Jacson and Karrun would grow close, very close to the point where Jacson was Karrun’s first true love, something her mother had told her she would have many of in her long life.

Despite that, Karrun couldn’t help but feel it was different between her and Jacson. He would be the first one that she told the truth to about herself after he started to pick up the clues; not having wanted to lie to him, she told Jacson the truth about her species and their origin from the far flung regions of space and her drive to study everyone and everything. Though at first it made Jacson distant, he would later share his own secret, the fact of his joining with the Tellos symbiot and their own true age and lifespan. The pair spent every minute together after that, travelling from system to system, planet to planet studying what they could. In early 2230, Karrun discovered she was pregnant with Jacson’s child. Wanting to settle down and raise their child in a stable environment at least for the first few years, the pair settled on Andor where they worked together at the Imperial Andorian Institute. In late 223, Karrun gave birth to a son, one the pair would name Morhan after Jacson’s father. After a stint of suffering from Postpartum depression after Morhan’s birth and her inability to help him during the first few years of growing pains that came about from the fact he was a hybrid of the two species, Karrun managed to find her love again in the sciences.

Despite having a child together, Jacson and Karrun never married. While they lived happily together, when Morhan had finished his education and went off on his own adventure of discovery, the pair went back to what had brought them together, the study of others.

A new age in space faring vessels and in the fledgling Federation, Jacson and Karrun managed to get a grant from the Federation to study many of the planets cultures as they joined, working to help them join the Federation and adapt to or at least cope with the many cultures it had to offer. While on a mission for Starfleet to ascertain the culture status of a potential member planet, with the new widespread use of transporters as the main transportation vessel, things in Karruns life took a nasty turn. An unknown side effect that had never really been discovered before was the effect that the transporter could have on a Trill that was joined. In a transporter accident in which the angular confinement beam could not tell the difference between the symbiot and the host. Killed in an instant when the patterns were mixed and lost confinement, from that day on Karrun has had an inordinate, yet understandable fear of Transporters.

Not wanting to let grief overtake her, Karrun continued on doing what Jacson and herself loved to do. Study the cultures of the planets around them. Continuing to work with Starfleet and the Federation to introduce new civilizations to the many cultures of the Federation and how to adapt them or incorporate their own culture into the Federation.

Karrun spent the next 20 years doing just that, helping the expanding Federation to bring people together. During this time, Karrun began to not really get over the death of Jacson, but accept it. Along with spending some time with her mother, Karrun began to understand that in her life she would have many she could fall in love with, but unless they were like her, none would ever live with her like she wanted. No she would fall in love many times, each one would be unique and allow her to express different parts of herself.

After spending time with a small Starfleet civilian science team, Karrun met a scientist by the name of Alexander Karn. A man obsessed with living as long as possible, with the new open discovery of her species by Starfleet after the Enterprise-B incident, Karrun’s status as one of those long lived aliens intrigued him. Wanting to take the opportunity to study and maybe unlock the secrets to a long life, Alexander kidnapped Karrun and fled to an uncharted planet at the edge of Federation Space. Over the next three years, though he was a fair kidnapper and allowed her freedom around his hidden facility within reason and discussion, he forced Karrun into a number of invasive procedures in which he poked and prodded Karrun, studying everything about her down to her DNA. After a long hunt though, Alexander Karn and Karrun would be found by Starfleet in 2298. Taken into custody, Alex was sent away for a long time in a penal colony, while Karrun underwent psychiatric exams. After heading back to Earth, Karrun decided that she had had enough of travelling the stars. Despite her need to study, her experiences with Alex had been scaring and despite the counseling, it would haunt her for years.

Working on Earth as a Professor at the University of Ottawa, Karrun would meet a man a fellow professor named Markus North when he joined the University in 2303. Though he would call it love at first sight, Karrun was wary for the first year as he tried to woo her, but when she finally relented and accepted his invitation for dinner, became infatuated with him. A professor of history, and her own long life span, he was fascinated by her many experiences in life. Though their courtship was relatively short, and they dated for only a year and a half by the time he proposed, Karrun and Markus would be married in 2306. A happy couple the pair continued to teach at Ottawa, being joined by a child in 2308, Samantha. This time around, Karrun decided that she wanted to be there all of the time for her child and resigned her position at the university. Spending time as the doting mother, Karrun raised her daughter and encouraged her curiosity as she grew, though made sure to temper it so that she would never make the same mistakes she did. Her years raising Samantha were some of the best of her life, and after introducing Morhan to her new husband and his new sister, was overjoyed to see that they got along fine. Feeling like a great little family unit, Karrun was happy.

In 2330, Karun would become pregnant again as Samantha looked to strike out on her own. Excited for another child, despite Marku’s advancing age compared to her own, Karrun felt as if her life was perfect. This would all change however when she lost the baby just before her second trimester. Though she already had two children, Karrun was devastated at the loss of her unborn child. Though Markus helped to work her through it, Karrun suffered from spouts of depression. It would take Karrun a number of years to stop letting the loss of her child affect her daily life, but it’s effect on her has never truly left. By 2341, getting on in age, Markus would pass in his sleep from a sudden aneurysm. With the loss of another love in her life, Karrun would move back to live with her mother for a time as she worked to accept the death of Markus. Samantha would return to Earth for a period to help her mother and grieve for her father, this time with her daughter would help for Karrun to accept it. Even though she had lost two of the loves in her life, Karrun still had both of her children and her mother. She had the love that she would need to help keep her going.

Karrun would shift from job to job over the next thirty-ish years, never focusing in on anything specific nor ever drifting far from Earth. Expanding her horizons, Karrun worked in a variety jobs, from mechanic using skills she had picked up early in life bumming rides on freighters to working payroll or manifest control for freighter companies. She even spent some time working in the restaurant business, finally getting around to learning to cook properly after almost two centuries of burning meal after meal. Her natural abilities had also been helpful when she had worked in the service industry, making her a popular server at the few restaurants she worked at.

As of 2358 however, records on Karrun North within the Federation have all but ceased. There are limited reports that the El-Aurian hooped a ship heading towards the Delta Quadrant. Little else is known about the current whereabouts of Karrun North.

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