Lieutenant Commander Nathan Frye

Name Nathan Frye

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 191lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing at a towering 6'2", Nate is a rather large imposing figure with the personality to match it. Thanks to years of service and an interest in fitness as well as somewhat good genes, Nathan has an athletic build. With a strong jawline that sports a well-kept beard and medium length hair that's constantly swept to the side Nathan is a very attractive man despite his age. To match his dirty blonde hair, Nathan has dark stormy blue eyes. All of this thanks to a strong germanic heritage on his mother's side.

In Nathan's fighter pilot days, he general wore a flight suit whenever possible, these days however Nathan's wardrobe tends to stick to the plainer duty uniform bar the jacket, preferring the vest over everything else. Nate tends to roll up his sleeves as well however informal it can be though he always pulls them down when ordered. If his sleeves are rolled up far enough you might even catch the edge of one of his few tattoos, the unit crest of his Dominion War outfit.

Off duty, Nathan goes for the comfortable route. Jeans and a hoodie of some kind tend to override any other type of clothing choice he could make. Though every once in a while Gwen will try and force her father into something a bit more fancy with a button down and dark wash jeans. She can't stop him from rolling up the sleeves though.


Spouse Lieutenant J.G. Karen Levi-Frye [27] (Deceased)
Children Gwen Frye [15]
Jonathan Frye [13]
Father Captain Benjamin Frye [78]
Mother HelenaFrye [76]

Personality & Traits

General Overview An only child, Nathan grew up the center of attention of his parent’s world. Though they tried to give him a rather balanced childhood, there was no denying that he was somewhat spoiled. Thanks to this all, Nathan has always been somewhat of the boastful sort, trumpeting his triumphs to anyone and everyone around him who will listen. A very social sort, Nathan makes friends easily with his warm and welcoming personality. Although Nate knows the rules and follows them, he enjoys pushing the boundaries finding out where and what he can do without getting into trouble. This makes Nathan a hell of a pilot however, willing to push himself and his equipment to its limits.

Despite his boastful and somewhat maverick styled past, Nathan has calmed down in the past number of years since the death of his wife and his children's mother. Being all that's left for them is what caused Nathan to transfer out of the fighter wing of the fleet and into Flight Control. He would do anything to protect his children.

Nathan is a straight shooter, calling them as he sees them and rarely thinking to filter his thoughts from those higher up the chain than him. This has earned him more than a few enemies overs the years but has also gained him a few friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skilled Pilot
+ Intense Focus
+ Personable
+ Intelligent

= Pushes the Boundaries
= Informal Style
= Straight Shooter

- Boastful
- No Filter
- Impulsive
Ambitions To be able to properly care for his children. Since the death of his wife he's tried to keep a proper work/life balance that has been tough to do at times. Though he wishes to enter back into the fighter corps at one point he knows that is likely out of the question now. He would however like to make it back to Utopia and maybe help to design the future of the corps.
Hobbies & Interests Sports and keeping active are some of Nathans primary hobbies, he tries to include his children in these activities as much as possible to keep them healthy and to give them the options for the future. Nathan also enjoys reading anything he can get his hands on, with a particular interest in classic Earth literature.

In terms of interests however, many of his own tend to get lost in those of his children, keeping them happy and helping them grow up.

Personal History Born on the USS Daring in 2351 the only child to then Lieutenant Benjamin and Helena Frye, Nathan grew up as the center of attention to his parent's world. They had been trying for a while to have a child and Nathan had been their first success, and sadly their last thanks to complications in the pregnancy. None of this bothered either of Nathan's parents though as from a young age Nathan was a hand full. Adventurous, always pushing the limit and Intelligent from the get go, Nate was always looking for the next bit of trouble he could get into that would make his parent's hair turn grey.

Growing up on a starship also gave Nathan an intense love of the stars, the bright shiny dots that lit the sky through his bedroom window and were incredibly wondrous. To Nathan, the greatest thing one could do in life was to explore the stars, to soar through them with the solar wind at their back. Whenever he could, Nathan would try and find the Conn officers of the Daring, pestering them to know about where they were going next, to teach him about the stars.

His parents were more than happy to encourage his love of the stars and with the help of the shipboard tutor, Nathan put a lot of work into learning everything he could about the stars. With the encouragement of his parents, his tutor and his love of stars as he got older Nathan began to look at options for his future one of which was Starfleet. Starfleet offered Nathan the chance to fly.

Setting his sights on such a goal, Nathan worked hard in his studies to allow him to attend the academy when he hit 18. When he finally hit the Academy though, Nathan was overwhelmed with the amount of opportunity that the fleet could offer him, Flight Operations, Science, Tactical, even Medical were all things that offered Nathan the chance to explore the stars like he wanted, but none of them felt like the wind would be at his back pushing him into the future. The one that drew him in though, the part of the Fleet that caught Nathans eye was that of the Fighter Corps a small part of the Fleet operations but one that sounded like an exciting option. He would be the one in control, all by himself, flying through the stars.

In the following years, Nathan worked hard to get into the corps, he made sure he was in shape, he worked hard in classes and did everything he could extracurricular wise to make himself a better pilot. By the time graduation came around and Nathan was informed over his first official posting he was ecstatic to learn it was a fighter posting aboard the Typhoon class Carrier the USS Nimitz.

At the outbreak of the Dominion War, the Nimitz was posted to the Fourth Fleet in the Vulcan/Andorian sector. Though he would see limited combat during the war, a handful of battles every other month and nothing near the scale of the Battle of Cardassia or the push for Deep Space Nine, nonetheless Nathan fought hard and proved himself to be a excellent pilot.

It was during the first few months of the war that Nathan met Karen Levi, a Security officer aboard the Nimitz. During the academy many of Nathan's classmates had figured no woman could ever tame him, yet Karen proved to do just that rather quickly at that. Within a few months (most likely sped up by the war) Karen and Nathan were engaged and even shorter after that Karen was pregnant with their first child. In late 2374, Gwen Frye was born on the Nimitz, and Nathan was overwhelmed. At the end of the war in 2375, Nathan and Karen were able to get married and soon after in 2376 they had another child, Jonathan Frye. While the small family would stick around on the Nimitz for a couple of more years, it was soon evident for both of their careers and the future of their family a transfer was what was needed.

In 2379, Nathan and his family were transferred to Starbase 78 where he was a senior pilot within the bases's large fighter contingent. This fighter wing, designated to train new and upcoming pilots in the expanding fighter corps was a perfect place for both Nathan and his family as Karen too never had a dull day in Security with the large civilian population.

It was just before Karen's 28th birthday while Nathan was out on a patrol with some cadets, his patrol was recalled with due haste as an incident had occurred. While investigating a string of thefts from the promenade, Karen and her Partner had tracked down the thief and his small gang to a ship docked in the lower parts of the station. In the ensuing firefight, Karen had taken a phaser to the chest and had died.

Distraught at the lose of his wife and his children's mother Nathan transferred out of the Fighter Corps at the suggestion of his mother and father to Flight Control to better be able to take care of his children. For a number of months the only thing that kept Nathan going was the thought that he was all that was left for his children. With the help of his mother, Nathan was able to make due eventually got out of his depression. No small part in thanks to his own children either, who continued to keep his day's bright with laughter and general child fascinations.

Four years after the death of his wife, an opportunity arose for a posting on the USS Saratoga, a new Sovereign class fresh from the yards. After some encouragement from his father and talking with his prospective command officers and an assurance that the Saratoga had more than enough other children aboard, Nathan took the offered posting and took his small family to explore the galaxy.

Over the next five years, Nathan worked hard to ensure his work life and home life were balanced and he never ignored his children. Despite trying to keep his focus on his children, Nathan excelled in his new position. He managed to even make his way up to full Chief Flight Control Officer before his time on the Saratoga came up. In 2389, the opportunity turned up to join another new posting, this one ever larger, the USS Excalibur.
Service Record 2369 - 2373 Enters Starfleet Academy - General Studies then Aerospace with Flight Control
2373 - 2378 USS Nimitz - Fighter Pilot
2379 - 2380 Starbase 78 - Senior Fighter Pilot
2380 - 2383 Starbase 78 - Station Flight Control
2384 - 2387 USS Saratoga - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2387 - 2389 USS Saratoga - Chief Flight Control Officer
Present: USS Excalibur - Chief Flight Control Officer