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Rashane ch'Thaia

Name Rashane ch'Thaia

Position Family Members

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Date of Birth December 17, 2382
Age 11 (14)

Physical Appearance

Height 4' 8" / 142 cm
Weight 88 lbs / 39 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Blue skin, antennae rooted at his hairline, basic Andorian.


Father Keris th'Thaia / Eshahl ch'Thaia
Mother Nalah zh'Thaia / Tuva sh'Thaia
Brother(s) Thiraeth th'Thaia - 15
Sister(s) Toziah zh'Thaia - 16

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rashane is a rough and tumble boy, which makes him a perfect playmate for Jack. Despite one of them being a Starfleet officer and a bajillion years old but still somehow a kid, the two get along like peas in a pod. While most commonly seen in the presence of Jack Mantell, even to the point of bugging the Miran when he's on duty, Rashane can often be found in the company of Jack and his other friends tromping about the ship after hours. During the day he attends the same school as some of his fellow playmates, and can be found distracted and paying little attention to whatever the teacher is saying at the moment.

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