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Aaron Corrino

Name Aaron Corrino

Position Family Members

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth June 29, 2381
Age 12 (15)

Physical Appearance

Height 4' 10" / 147 cm
Weight 75 lbs / 34 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue


Father Victor Corrino
Mother Margaret Corrino

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aaron's just a kid, what does he know? He won't be saving the day by pulling off some miraculous feat of engineering or taking down the bad guy with a move that would make an action hero jealous. Aaron is best when at play, which is what he tries to do most of the time. He plays hangs out (that's the big kid word) with Lu-tenant Jack and his posse much of the time, in which he often unsuccessfully attempts to catch the romantic interest

Personal History Aaron is a Starfleet Brat, who has always considered home to be prefixed by "USS." In his younger years, he lived with both parents aboard the Galaxy class vessel, USS San Francisco. There he was treated to a proper school and several other kids to play with during his leisure hours.

When he was six years old, Aaron's parents were reassigned for the first time, and Aaron struggled to adjust on the planetary installation where the Corrinos then made their home. There were more kids, and a real schoolhouse, but Aaron was terrified of the open world outside their doors. He would insist that one of his parents escort him to and from school, and disliked going outside to play unless the ultimate destination was an enclosed space.

After three grueling years of that treatment, Aaron's family was once again uprooted, this time more shockingly to the young introvert. His mother and father were assigned to different ships, and with no close relatives to provide a more stable environment, the Corrinos agreed that Aaron would go with his father to the USS Vesta.

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