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Chief Petty Officer Calley Loreth

Name Calley Loreth

Position Nurse

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species (1/2) Romulan (1/2) Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Calley has a light build, standing at about average for a woman of her species, both Romulan and Human. Coming in at 5'7 and a 116 pounds, she is in fact quite frail looking in comparison to most. This is highly deceptive though, as to thanks to her Romulan genology, she has far greater muscle density than the normal human, and is a fair bit stronger than someone her size has any business being.

Though only half human, Calley does not infact have the tell tale signs of a Romulan in the ridges on her forehead, in fact, her mother was one of the rare Romulans that had a smooth forehead, a trait Calley is more than happy was kept. She does however have the pointed ears akin to her mothers species and that of the Vulcans, a fact that routinely has her confused with being part Vulcan rather than part Romulan. These ears are generally hidden behind the upper back length light brown hair that Calley keeps, or better said, posseses, as she routinely fights with her hair to keep it in some sort of semblance of kept status. Her light brown hair matches nicely with her Hazel eyes, which routinely tend to stick more towards the green end of the spectrum rather than brown.

While on duty, Calley wears the typical duty uniform, though she prefers to if at all possible have it unzipped routinely finding herself getting rather confined when closed, something to which she has a high sensitivity to due to a mild case of claustrophobia. Though she prefers to keep her hair down even when on duty, when in a crisis situation or working hard, she generally pulls her hair back into a ponytail or if she has time, a braid.

While off duty, Calley goes for the comfortable over the fashionable. Being raised on Earth rather than Romulus, Calley is fairly open to the many types of dress found on the world. Generally one who is cold all of the time, Calley can be found in any type of paints, with a sweater of some kind over a shirt.


Father Jason Carn [68]
Mother D'tal Loreth [102]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Calley is above all else meticulous in her work. Feeling like she has lived her entire life under a microscope, Calley has always been careful in the work she does, in the decisions she makes as she attempts to show people that she is nothing like the stereotypes that her people are generally associated with. Cruel, Calculating, and militaristic, Calley is nice to everyone she can be, almost to a fault and prefers to help people through her knowledge in the medical field. Despite trying to distance herself from her Romulan roots, she cannot help but feel the need to protect the honor of her family and that of her mother when provoked, leading to more than a few scraps between herself and her Vulcan cousins during childhood.

Calley generally finds herself at the mercy of the opinions of others. She strives to please others to make herself seem palatable to the people she serves with. That's one of the reasons she is constantly trying to be friendly, to help everyone she can. Underneath it all though, Calley is very self conscious of her image, her decisions and overall her family.

Despite her drive to be respected my many, Calley herself is sparse in giving her trust. Growing up the brunt of the joke, the odd kid out, Calley has a thick skin and is quick to the wit when she feels threatened, preferring to drive someone away rather than make an effort to fix their relationship, all thanks to past experiences when she was a child.
Ambitions Secretly, to bring honor to her family name again. Despite being only part Romulan, Calley was extremely close with her mother and she instilled some of the better parts of Romulan society into her daughter. Having defected from the Empire, and having been a spy before, her mother was lost to both sides. Thus every day Calley works to better what people think of her.

Publicly Calley strives to one day become a full doctor, whether that be within the fleet or as a civilian. The ability to help someone, to be so different than the stereotypes of her people, is what she strives for. Even perhaps one day, Calley hopes to improve the relations between the Romulans and the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Calley is extremely interested in medicne and other cultures. Wanting to compare them to her own culture and try and make it better, Calley has taken a liking to Humanity's own massively diverse culture.

Alternatively, Calley also very much enjoys books, real physical books. The physicality and realness of them compared to virtual ones from PaDDs is a much better experience.

Personal History Born to Jason Carn and Savol on Vulcan, at first Calley's Childhood was a fairly happy one. Jason, a Scientist from Earth was on loan to the Vulcan Science Directorate when he met Savol, a Vulcan woman who seemingly shared his earnest for science in every sense. Calley came fast in their relationship and as a surprise as Savol's cycle had not come yet, and with the normal complications between Vulcans and Humans, it was a miracle she came out happy and healthy.

Growing up half Human and half Vulcan was tough, attempting to hide ones emotions when they felt so powerful, so venerable to being played Calley easily found herself fitting in better with the human children that attended the same school than her fellow Vulcans. During the first few cumulative years of her childhood, Calley did her best to master the teachings that her society lived by but with little success, more routinely opting to go down the path of her fathers people than her mothers. Her mother meanwhile was very supportive of her attempts to live as a vulcan, but fully embraced her preference to live like her father. Her mother also tried to teach Calley about the virtues of family and doing the best to help those who couldn't help themselves. Calley idolized her mother, she was a strong woman who instilled so much confidence in Calley that she knew she wanted to be like her.

When Calley was 11 however, everything changed. Her mother was arrested by Starfleet Security for being a Romulan Spy by the name of D'tal Loreth. An embedded agent, one of the rare genetic lottery Romulans with a smooth forehead, D'tal had been sent in to Vulcan to observe and try and subvert Vulcan studies into the Romulan people and areas of space. Somewhat successful, she was tried in a very public trial and sentenced to a penal colony on Markos IV. Wanting to distance himself and Calley from her mother, Jason took his daughter back to Earth and the Federation Science Commission in Vancouver. At first hiding things was easy, Jason convinced his daughter to continue pretending to be half Vulcan rather than admitting to be half Romulan due to the stigma attached to her mothers species. For the first few years, Calley attempted to be strong, to be the woman her mother and father taught her to be. That became hard though when Calley was in high school and someone found out her true origins.

Stigmatized and shunned, Calley spent the last few years of her schooling hating her mother, her father, everything around her. Life was hard, she had few if no friends and she found herself more and more ostracized from society, a society that had always been pushing for 'inclusion' despite one's past. After graduating from High School with poor grades and little to herself worth, Calley left home and left Earth trying to run from her life.

Calley spent a few years wandering the quadrant, from Bajor to Risa, Calley learned where she could, and began to discover her true self. Calley discovered she had a love of medicine, and that the lessons her mother had taught her as a child still held true no matter her mothers species or her mothers, or what people thought of her. To do good, to help others was something that was a worth cause. Calley began to understand that her mother was not a bad person simply because of what others said she did, what mattered was what she herself thought of her mother. After visiting her mother in prison and seeing her for the first time in almost 11 years when she was 22, Calley decided she needed to change, she needed to do something with her life.

Thus, Calley adopted her mother's last name and enlisted in Starfleet.

Though few were skeptical because of her mother, Calley completed training with record results. Calley pushed herself harder than she had ever before, because she had something to prove to others and to herself. Opting for medical as it was something she had a passion for, Calley trained to become a Corpsman, the ones that served on the front lines to help those who needed it most.

Unlike most, Calley has not moved around from post to post every few years, since her graduation from the training regime, Calley has been serving on the USS Providence a Sovereign Class cruiser. A large cruiser in which Calley is but one of the many Corpsmen, Calley has again and again proven herself to be an empathetic, proficient medical officer who can get work done quickly and with good results. Calm under pressure, Calley earned herself a reputation for a Corpsmen who who could work even under the harshest conditions.

The Providence was one of the many ships that responded to the humanitarian crisis that was the Hobus Star incident. Mixing with her own people trying to help was enlightening for both herself and many within the Federation. She as well as many others learned that many within the Empire were unhappy with the tactics of their government, many were much like Calley and those who made many of the devious decisions that gave the Romulans their stereotypes were those in power.

While it did much to alter perceptions and gave Calley a much needed confidence boost after years of having to build herself up when others used to put her down. Even after the Providence left Romulan space when the Tal'Shiar reasserted itself as the power within the Empire, Calley was much happier and treated better by some of the crew who had still had reservations about her.

Recently needing a change, Calley has requested a transfer, with a lust for a new challenge.

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