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Ensign Evanora Drei

Name Evanora "Eva" Drei

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human 1/2 Betazoid
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Dark brown/nearly black
Physical Description When not overwhelmed by telepathic moments, Eva holds herself with an air of confidence, standing tall to face whatever comes her way. She keeps her loosely-curled hair just below chin length, long enough to put back into a disappointing nub of a ponytail if needed. On her left shoulder is an abstract tattoo resembling a circular brush stroke with two thin lines weaving around it, and it’s usually only visible if she’s wearing a tank top. There is a burn scar trailing up the back of her right hand to her elbow that she elected to keep because of the amusing, albeit somewhat morbid, story behind it. When she’s anxious, she will shift her weight or drum her fingers on whatever she’s holding.


Father Lt. Cmdr Aiden Drei - Chief Engineer, USS Ventura
Mother Lestri Sedun-Drei

Personality & Traits

General Overview A common first impression of Eva is that she is another enthusiastic Betazoid. She does try to keep the atmosphere around herself positive, and while enthusiastic about life, she is reserved when it comes to the details of her personal upbringing. Since she had a very work-focused first couple of years out of the Academy, she’s catching up on the fun and friend-making she missed out on.

Since she doesn’t actively hone her telepathic abilities, as well as being only half-Betazoid, her telepathy is nowhere near its full potential. Eva can involuntarily sense very strong emotions and shut out people’s thoughts… and that’s about it. As a visual thinker, being able to receive others’ thoughts can be disorienting because they manifest as images in her mind as well as voices. With enough concentration (and enough convincing from her peers), she could manage to communicate telepathically, but her range is limited.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eva is quite analytical, taking the time to assess a problem to work toward a solution. She loves to solve problems because she sees it like a mind game. As a visual thinker, she can envision the steps she needs to take with ease because she can see what needs to be done.

As Eva likes to refer to it: “being deliberative is just professional overthinking.” She considers the possibilities so she can be prepared when things go wrong. She’s mindful of safety because she recognizes when actions carry risk and tries to plan for them.

Stubborn is one way to describe Eva. She knows that she still has much to learn, but she doesn’t like being told that she’s wrong and can sometimes take it personally. It can have its perks, though, when someone else is about to do something very wrong.

Strangely enough, Eva fears her own telepathy. Due to her upbringing, she is very against using her telepathy out of fear that she could harm someone the same way she was harmed. When absolutely necessary, she can use it, but she will try to exhaust any other option first.

Eva also fears space. More specifically, she fears the idea of floating away from whatever she’s working on and left to float forever. As such, she is very against spacewalks and will try to pass on the assignment to someone else.
Ambitions Isn’t it every engineer’s ambition to be a Starfleet Captain someday?

At some point in the future, perhaps she could learn to live with her telepathy instead of fight against it. As someone with many years ahead of her, Eva isn’t too sure what she strives for yet, but she hopes it’s something cool, like getting something named after her.
Hobbies & Interests Eva likes to tinker. That should be expected from an engineer. Unlike the engineers who would spend many hours designing shuttles or warp cores, however, Eva likes optimizing. If there’s a way to make something run faster, or be just a little smaller, she wants to figure it out.

Eva’s favorite activity, and a guaranteed way to gain her friendship, is eating spicy food. As the champion in spicy food-eating competitions in her class, she wears that badge with honor, and her competitive side comes out when spicy food is involved. Don’t worry, Doc, there won’t be too many visits.

Obstacle courses. Yes. It gets the blood pumping and she loves the adrenaline rush from it. Eva’s particularly fond of “natural” obstacle courses --really anything that doesn’t look like a giant child stacked blocks together. Forested trails with giant boulders, a cargo hold with crates thrown around, doesn’t matter.

As someone who likes to try new things, she honestly enjoys seeing what others find interesting.
Languages Federation Standard, Betazoid

Personal History Eva was born and raised in one of the several colonies on Mars. For as long as she could remember, she was fascinated by the work that went into making a barren desert planet habitable. Her father was on family leave at the time, and he would explore the colony with her on his shoulders, taking the time to explain why things in the colony were built the way they were. Shortly after Eva turned six, her father got assigned to the Nightingale, and after a thorough family discussion, it was agreed that Eva and Lestri would stay on Mars. Eva’s mother didn’t entertain the six-year-old’s curiosities like her father, instead pushing her to learn more about what she called her “true heritage,” her Betazoid half. While still interested in the history of her people, Eva grew bored of sitting in front of a computer reading, and around the age of nine began sneaking out of the family quarters to go explore the colony. Her favorite hiding spot was a tiny nook in the rafters above the promenade that allowed her to see starships go by on their way to the shipyards.

Then one day, she got caught.

Lestri had decided to do late-night errands and sensed her daughter’s presence. After ordering her down, she then demanded to know what young Eva was doing. Even after explaining her desire to learn more about what her father did, Lestri didn’t listen, instead “grounding” Eva and doubling down on her history lessons.

Ever since the incident, Eva’s mother became overbearing, becoming a part of everything she did. She was never with Eva physically, but she was always mentally present, watching every thought that came into her head. Eva would be punished for thinking about things her mother disapproved of, even if they were fleeting thoughts and she never acted on them. Her mother would keep her presence in her mind, which would often overwhelm Eva to the point of tears due to all the mental noise she’d bring in from others. When her father visited during shore leave, he was concerned for his daughter’s wellbeing and tried to talk to Lestri. They got into an argument that ended with Aiden telling Eva to pack what she wanted to bring with her. In the middle of the night, they fled back to the Nightingale for her to live with him.

It didn’t take long for the twelve-year-old to get used to living on a ship. In a way, it was similar to living in a colony: space was limited, things sometimes had to be rationed, there were tasks that needed to be done for upkeep, and so on. The hardest part was shifting away from “Mars time.” Despite displaying Earth’s time for the sake of Starfleet business, many locals in her colony would use the natural time resulting from the red planet’s spin on its axis. In the short term, the change was hardly noticeable, but after a few weeks she would sometimes find herself running late, or even early, to tasks or gatherings. It took about a year of very consistent alarms for her to adjust to the change. When she isn’t thinking about it, sometimes she still slips back into “Mars time.”

Eva joined her father when he transferred to the Aurora, and the now-15-year-old started spending time with her father in engineering when she wasn’t doing schoolwork in their quarters. It was usually small things, like passing tools and peeking over his shoulder to watch. A combination of puberty, when her telepathy made itself well known, and her time in engineering brought the revelation that there was actually a lot of mental noise on starships, especially during red alerts. People weren’t spread out like they were in the colony, and to her it was like having loud music playing all the time. Fortunately, there was a friend of Aiden’s, a Betazoid named Sai, who helped her use her telepathy to block out the background thoughts. Thanks to Lestri, however, Eva was hesitant, and it took several months for him to gain her trust. Once she had mastered blocking out people’s thoughts, Sai encouraged her to continue working on her skills, and even offered to tutor her, but she refused and explained why. Understanding her situation, Sai told her that if she ever felt ready, he was one call away and would gladly help her out.

After a few more years on the Aurora, Eva was finally old enough to apply to the Academy. She brought the news to her father, who was pleased to see her follow in his footsteps, and he sat with her as she filled out the application. Once they got word that she had been accepted, Aiden hosted a small surprise party in their quarters to celebrate. He then spent about a month helping her prepare for her journey to Earth. Before she left, both Eva and Aiden got matching tattoos on their shoulders, a symbol of their connection.

During her time at the Academy, Eva began to come out of her shell, gradually gaining confidence in herself. She got to dive deep into what hid beneath the surface of the displays in an engineering room, the stuff that her father never showed her, and she fell in love with it. Her two most memorable moments were when she got to create a miniature propulsion system for a class project, and when she started a spicy food competition in her graduating class. It may have been some silly cadet thing, but to her it was a special bonding moment.

Once she graduated, Eva shipped off to the Memoria, and she wanted to prove herself, so she hit the ground running and dove into work. She found herself getting absorbed into software matters, sometimes helping the Computer Systems team with their work, but enjoyed all kinds of responsibilities… until that one day. Eva had been tasked with repairing a damaged section of the hull, and the entire section broke loose with her firmly attached to it. While she was rescued after about 30 minutes, the experience of seeing nothing but empty space as the ship slowly got smaller terrified her. Ever since, she had been hesitant to go on a space walk and would ask that someone else to that particular task.

On the Endeavor, she worked more on propulsion, but still tried to get more of those systems-related tasks. It was on this ship that she started gaining friends, realizing that she spent way too much time in engineering and not enough time meeting people. She also earned her burn scar, after a young intelligence officer, Nayisa Wrea, damaged the holodeck controls and Eva’s sleeve went up in flames. Luckily, they were able to put the fire out fast, only scarring Eva’s forearm, and fortunately nobody else was hurt. In hindsight, the events leading up to the incident were rather funny, so Eva chose to keep the scar to remember it.

About a year after the incident, she earned herself a demotion after punching someone for egging her on about being a "wannabe telepath" in the mess hall. She knew it probably wasn't the best way to handle it, but man, was it satisfying to put that Ensign in his place. Knowing demotions didn't look good on her record, Eva returned her focus to being a more work-oriented engineer, trying to rebuild her record with the good things she's done instead.
Service Record 2387 : Starfleet Academy, Corps of Engineers
2391 : Starfleet Academy Graduation Ceremony, assigned to USS Memoria, Engineering Officer
2392 : Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Memoria
2394 : Transfer to USS Endeavor, Engineering Officer
2395 : Demotion to Ensign, USS Endeavor. Reason: violation of protocol
2396 : Transfer to USS Vesta

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