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Captain Ewan Darrow

Name Ewan Darrow

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Space-borne - USS Fontaine
Species Human
Date of Birth May 23rd, 2346
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 176lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Standing just over 6'0", Ewan is above average height, something that has always come at a bit of a disadvantage considering his career within Starfleet Engineering. More than a few bumps on the head have occurred during the years thanks to the confines of the Jefferies tubes. Even at his height, Ewan has a lean build weighing a slight 176 lbs., though he has no real definition, as he was an engineer after all and not a security officer. Ewan is by no means weak however, thanks to years of working in Starfleet he has kept in reasonable shape.

Ewan has medium length hair still in a deep rich brown colour that he refuses to admit might be graying at the tips. Ewan prefers to keep his hair styled with product, pushing it upwards into a fauxhawk style, but he can also be found with his hair down and simply pushed to the side when he's just either too busy or too lazy to style it. Ewan tends to shave sporadically, going days, sometimes weeks at a time between shaving, meaning he generally has atleast some form of stubble or beard on his face.

Vocally, Ewan has a light Scottish accent that tends to get stronger whenever he is angry or stressed.

Whenever Ewan is On Duty, he tends to wear a variant of the regular Duty uniform, with an open jacket rather than a closed one. Ewan finds the extra mobility of the open jacket to be a plus, along with the option to take it off whenever he pleases to cool down. Under his jacket, Ewan wears a duty vest.

When off duty, Ewan tends to wear jeans and a simple T-shirt with a jacket if he feels cold. Whenever Ewan is having a lazy day though and sitting in his quarters, he tends to keep to an old Academy Class hooded Sweater that really should have been thrown out ages ago.


Spouse Allison Darrow (43)
Children Markus Darrow (17), Ainsley Darrow (15)
Father Rear Admiral Markus Darrow (78)
Mother Jessica Darrow PhD (79)
Brother(s) Erik Darrow (39), Commander Harold Darrow (37)
Sister(s) Captain Riley Harkness (nee Darrow) (45), Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Jackson (nee Darrow) (43), Lieutenant Elise Darrow (32)
Other Family Commander Arcturus Jackson [Brother in Law](42), Lieutenant Commander Jack Harkness [Ret.]{Brother in law} (44), Jessica Darrow (nee Gerald) [Sister in Law](38), Lieutenant JG Tarina Darrow (nee Hareks)[Sister in Law](25)
- Various Nieces and Nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ewan is an Engineer through and through. From a young age, he would always be fiddling with some kind of toy or another, taking it apart and putting it back together again. It was during Middle school when he began learning about Zefram Cochrane and the first warp flight, this fascinated Ewan, and his long career within Starfleet was all but set in motion.

Helping him along, Ewan is a very intelligent individual, with decades of experience running around in a starship's engine room. He is a charismatic leader who works hard to get to know his crew as best he can so he can always seem personable and there. He is quick to make decisions when in a pinch and will work as hard as he can to get things done.

Though he is willing to listen to his crew's suggestions for what needs to be done on a job, once Ewan makes a decision, very little can change his one once on the course. Very few people have been able to make him change his mind once it's been set (his wife is one). Ewan is additionally very protective of those under his command, willing to go to any lengths to protect them, whether good, or bad.

Additionally, Ewan has been known to more than once break something whenever he gets angry, having quite the temper on him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Leadership
+ Intelligent, a sharp mind for Engineering and Starship Operations
+ Starship Design
+ Charismatic, Easy to get along with

= Quick to make decisions
= Stubborn, hard to make him change his mind

- Temper = Breaking things.
- Can't stand selfish heroes
- Blunt.
Ambitions Ewan has already achieved most of what he has wanted to do. He's run a top of the line engine room, married a wonderful woman, had kids, and even gotten to help design a new starship that could be the future of Starfleet. Right now though, his only ambition is to keep the crew of the Vesta alive, and one day actually use the Quantum Slipstream Drive.
Hobbies & Interests In his down time when he isnt with his wife or kids or tinkering with one system or another, Ewan enjoys a good book, whether it be holo based or real paper based. He enjoys going for a stroll through the ship, seeing the state of her. He has quite the interest in a game of Pool every now and again, as well as a match of Football.
Languages Federation Standard, German, Some Trill

Personal History Born 2346

A Starfleet brat from the beginning, Ewan and his twin sister Riley were born on the USS Fontaine, an Ambassador Class cruiser that his father served on at the time. The oldest of what would become 5 children (though his sister still maintains she was first to this day), Ewan was constantly the one that would end up shepparding the rest of his siblings around whenever his parents were busy. His father, a Lieutenant Commander at the time, the Chief Engineer on an aging Ambassador, and his mother a Civilian Diplomat, were both busy people leaving him in charge. Whenever he wasn't taking care of his siblings or he convinced his sister to take the duty, Ewan was constantly tinkering with various old pieces of technology his father had brought back from his job.By the time Ewan reached 15, he was tagging along on repair jobs his father was on. Now a Commander and the Executive Officer, Markus encouraged his sons interest in engineering, helping him in school and giving him extra books on starship operations and warp field theory. Ewan became enamored with Warp theory and how ships moved at speeds faster than light, the history of Warp, the sheer idea of getting from one point in the galaxy to another within the span of weeks. By the time Ewan was 17, he had already decided what he wanted to do and with the blessing of his father began interning within the engine room of the Fontaine. For a solid year before he came of age, Ewan gained a lot of practical experience within the workings of a broken in engine room from how the Impulse reactors worked, to what allowed the ship to jump to warp and how it maintained the Warp Field.

The moment Ewan reached the age of 18, literally the day after (his mother would have killed him if he had done it on his birthday), he applied to Starfleet Academy along with his sister. Though she was more doing it just to make their father happy, and a little bit of that fear of being away from her twin for an extended time. They were both accepted and were slated to start at the Academy at the start of the next term. For the short few months before they began their career, Ewan and Riley traveled together across Earth. After a life aboard a starship for almost 18 years, Earth was a big change for the twins, solid ground, fresh air, oceans as far as the eye could see. In the last couple of months before their attendance at the Academy, Ewan and Riley spent time in their Ancestral homeland of Scotland. Ewan spent time learning about the history of the Darrow family through his Grandparents, a history of Starfleet officers, and military officers dating back all the way to the Royal Navy. This brought great inspiration to Ewan, made him proud to continue on the heritage of the Darrow family.
Service Record 2364 - Entrance into the Academy

Ewan's academic career started with a bang, literally. During one of his first engineering labs, trying to experiment with some of the more advanced technologies that the Academy was teaching with rather than the older technologies he was used to from the Fontaine, Ewan was able to create a feedback loop that almost destroyed an entire section of the Engineering building. While terrified at the prospect of having almost destroyed an part of a building, it only fuelled his curiosity with Engineering even more.Ewan quickly became one of the top students within the Engineering program, with a keen, intelligent mind, he was often the one that his classmates turned to for advice or tutoring. His sister Riley meanwhile had quickly become a rising star within the Security discipline.

By his third year, Ewan had become the top student in the field of Warp field theory. Thanks to some of his earlier times on the Fontaine as well as a natural affinity and thanks to his father's encouragement, Ewan had fallen in love with the whole concept of Faster than Light travel.

As one of the top engineering students with a promising career ahead of him, for his Cadet cruise, Ewan was assigned to the USS Sovereign, the first of its class, and one of the most advanced warp cores in the fleet. During his cruise, Ewan got to see some of the best technology Starfleet had to offer in terms of Engineering tech, and work with some of the best engineers available. By the end of his cruise, Ewan was even more sure of his career path.

Ewan continued on into his final year at the Academy with even more resolve. Thanks to a combination of his natural affinity for engineering, a lot of time spent studying and a few too many cups of coffee, Ewan ended his Academy life as the top Engineering student of the class.

2368 Graduation from Starfleet Academy, Assigned to the USS Sovereign, Sovereign Class.

Thanks to his distinction as the top Engineering student of the class as well as the connections he had made while aboard the Sovereign during his cadet cruise, Ewan was posted to the Sovereign under Chief Engineer Theron Faros, a Joined Trill who saw a lot of promise within Ewan.

Faros took Ewan under his wing and taught him all that he knew. Several lifetimes of experience, as well as almost three decades within the confines of an Engineering room, Faros had learned many things about some of the intricacies of Warp Field dynamics and how to properly align a EPS conduit in the fastest time possible. Most of all, Faros taught Ewan something he had learned from one of the Engineering greats of Starfleet, Admiral Montgomery Scott. Always tell the Captain that the job would take longer than it would, so when you finished in half the time, he saw you as a miracle worker and would truly appreciate you. While Ewan got a good chuckle out of this, he took it to heart, if a Captain didn’t truly appreciate his engineer, a ship would never run smoothly.

Ewan would continue to learn under Faros for almost five years, quickly becoming one of his most dependable engineers, making quick work of problems, and almost always knowing how to deal with a problem with little oversight.

By his 4th year on the Sovereign Ewan had been promoted and assigned as one of the senior engineers on the Gamma shift. By this time, he had made a name for himself as a constant tinker, someone who was always trying to get the best out of every ounce of tech on the ship. Thanks to one of his ideas that Faros endorse, the Sovereign tested a new style of Anti-matter injection that boosted output by almost 5 percent. It was then that Ewan started to get the taste of Starship design.

This taste however would be put to the side quickly, for the outbreak of the Dominion War happened within months.

2373 Outbreak of the Dominion War

The Dominion war was one of the worst times of Ewan's life. He worked hard to repair the Sovereign multiple times throughout the war, and lost many friends through attrition, Ship to ship battles, and the rare groundside battles that Ewan was involved in.

Following the death of the Assistant Chief Engineer in a battle, Ewan gained a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant and was shifted to the role. Ewan wouldn’t remain aboard the Sovereign for much longer though, as thanks to the war, many ships were now in the need of talented engineers. Or really, just engineers in general.

2374, Transfer to the USS Ford, Akira Class

Even during such hard times and with his transfer to a ship that had been devastated after a hull breach in the Engineering Hull during a battle, Ewan found a bright light. Lieutenant J.G. Allison Kessler, Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Even through the devastation of the War, and the countless amounts of death every battle, Ewan and Allison flourished in a relationship.

Ewan worked hard to keep the Ford as one of the best ships in the 5th Fleet. With some of the upgrades and ideas that he brought from the Sovereign, Ewan gave the Ford an edge in some of the few battles it fought in in the defense of the Andorian sector.

Following the surrender of the Dominion in 2375, Ewan and Allison got married. Even after their short courtship, to them it had felt right. Shortly after their marriage, They quickly found out that Allison was pregnant with their first child.

Markus Darrow the Second was born nine months later aboard the Ford at the tail end of 2375.

After another 2 years, in 2377, shortly after the birth of his daughter Ainsley Darrow, Ewan was promoted to the Chief Engineer of the Ford after its last one decided to retire. As the Chief Engineer, Ewan spent a lot of time keeping the ship going, doing his best to always give the ship an edge. Thanks to some of his knowledge within the field of Warp Field dynamics, Ewan was able to eek an additional .2 to the ships top cruising speed. Over the course of the next 4 years, Ewan turned the Ford's engine room into one of the best in class, making the ship the pride of the Akira class. He took several young engineers and taught them what he had learned from his own first old Chief Faros.

In 2381, Ewan was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Something that had been coming for a long time in Allison's opinion. Ewan would continue to serve on the Ford for another two years before he finally got to do something he had always dreamed about. Help design a Starship.

2383, Transfer to Utopia Planetia

For the first 2 years of his service at Utopia, Ewan learned the basics of Starship design, working on several projects on smaller craft including Runabouts and Shuttles. Ewan helped to design an upgrade to the older Danube Runabout designed that allowed for an increasing in its top cruising speed.

In 2385, Ewan hit pay dirt. He was assigned to the Vesta program. Ewan was involved in the initial construction of the first ship of the class, supervising the Warp Core installation as well as a majority of the propulsion systems within the Vesta. Following her initial trials and subsequent refit, Ewan was assigned to the Vesta program's continuance outside of the Quantum Slipstream Drive program.

Promoted to Commander in 2388, Ewan became the Chief Overseer for system installation in the Vesta class program. Even with the QSD program on skids, the class design had ended up being well liked and has proven itself in trials. An additional 3 keels were laid down at Utopia Planetia that Ewan oversaw the installation of Engine systems of. After assuring the successful installation of 3 warp cores, Ewan was present with the prospect of entering the Command tract.

2389 Transfer to the USS Illustrious, Insignia Class

Following his graduation from the command academy, Ewan went on to serve aboard the USS Illustrious as her executive officer. Serving aboard the Illustrious for two years, Ewan worked to change his perspective from a Engineering focused thought process to that of a Command officer. Though a front line explorer, the Illustrious was a rather boring assignment, but one perfect for letting Ewan settle into his new role within the command department.

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