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A Move

Posted on Thu Oct 12th, 2017 @ 8:47am by Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara


To the crew and family of the USS Vesta. I know this discussion was had (at far shorter a length than expected) in our Discord Chat, but I wanted to make it website official. The Vesta has been transferred with all hands to Obsidian Fleet, to move into her new role with 72nd Taskforce, embedded inside Task Group B "Black Ravens". We first and foremost would like to thank Obsidian Fleet for this opportunity, and look forward to joining in on their community. Many of you have already joined the Obsdian Fleet chat, and through a move I was not expecting, departed the Pegasus Fleet. Please note, while in the past we had our disagreements with members of the Fleet, we hold Pegasus in high regard for the home they gave us. We wish them well in their future, and want all members that may find their way here, they will always have a home at our Hearth.

To my crew, my friends, and to some extent, my family: words cannot express the pride you have instilled in me. The fact that the resounding comment from you all was that you followed the sim, not the Fleet, meant a lot. I have served, and commanded, ships in the past, where the Fleet came first, and everything else was secondary. To have the grand majority of you so dedicated to the people that are here, and the expressions of concern that came from some of you; it truly meant a lot. We will continue to be a family, and to grow I am sure. Many of you have noticed that Obsidian Fleet is far more talkative (I can't hardly look away for a second without that notification popping up.) So while our family has been maintained, I am sure we will grow more in the coming months. And I expect we all will only grow as a result.

As for our mission, we are up in the air. The TF-Arc we had before has obviously been abandoned, but that does not mean we cannot continue in the Delta Quadrant, it only means we will see where our future takes us. Unburdened by politics, perhaps we can develop the Republic of the First World, the way we had always wanted to, maybe we can explore more races as we want to. Perhaps we will return to the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant, and from there, explore our own corner of space. All I can say for sure is that it will be an adventure, and I am happy you will all be there for it.

Captain Yoshi Minawara




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