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Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2017 @ 6:22pm by Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara


Recently news has been more somber, but I wanted to take a chance to make this a little more positive. I wanted to talk about progress, community, and the future of the Vesta as a whole. So, without further adieu, sit back and relax.

Progress; our simm has been moving along at a smooth pace. I know we are still just touching the edges of the limit of our minimum requirement, but we're a lot better than where we used to be. While I wish I could take credit for that work, I am only a small part in the much bigger machine. You, my team, are what make this all possible, and make this as enjoyable as it has been since we went live in October. Every step we take, every evolving piece that this organic creation has become, it is all thanks to you. All the new players we have added recently, and the veterans that are coming back, we have you to thank for the drive and energy. As we move forward, I only foresee this growing, expanding, and becoming more than it is. We developed our own species, and once I have filtered out the ideas, we will make that publicly available to add more to. Together we grow.

Our community; I cannot begin to say how amazing our community is here team. Our Discord is never quiet (much to the disappointment I am sure to many a significant other), and the conversations, both of the simm and of the things that we love is amazing. We have such a diverse, well rounded, and beautiful team, and for that every single one of you should be proud. As organic as our team is now, that can only be attributed to the flavour and build of our team on the chat. I won't say much more about that, just know how proud I am to work with you.

Our future, where we are going and where we were. Our team has grown from two nerdy guys, to a full fledged group of nerds who make it what it is. We will continue to grow, and we will expand the Pegasus Canon where we can. We have our own amazing race to build and create, our own addition to the Task Force Canon, and of course, all the stories yet undiscovered and untold. I've made a commitment to avoid railroading, which means you will have a deciding stay in every mission and every post you're involved in (within reason). Together this sim will be more of a family than anything else, and we will build each layer of our own story until we can't go any further (we have a few decades to catch up to STO).

With that everyone, have a great night. Sing the praises from the roof tops, and keep up the good owrk.


Yoshi Minawara
USS Vesta




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