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Posted on Mon Jan 30th, 2017 @ 6:56pm by Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara
Edited on Sat May 26th, 2018 @ 12:05am


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a few house cleaning items to take care of, so I figured I would do all of those at once here on the News. I'll jump right in.

First, to the long list of new crew, welcome! Ensign Soraya Xel and Lieutenants Martin Sorenson and Eiri Ashshy, I hope you find a warm and welcoming family here and are with us for some time. I'm sure you've noticed in some places the plaster is still drying, so be dears and try not to break anything too fast. That being said, you all have already added a flavour to the discord that has been welcomed. This said, with the good I have to recognize the bad; we did have to say good bye to a few crew members due to inactivity or other reasons. It is unfortunate, but we move on. A reminder that we will be, as of February enforcing the 2 posts per player, per month (one every two weeks is ideal).

Next up, Pomp and Circumstance is closed! If you were posting in it, I apologize, but we are moving on to the new mission (albeit a month late), Refined Relations. On the Discord we had a lot of talk about what was happening there, however, now we will start this ball rolling. On Discord we had a long list of roles for all departments to look into, however, if you need anything you can always post with myself or Ewan Darrow, either of which will be happy to assist you. That being said, interact with your fellow players, mess up the science labs, push the shuttles into space, finger paint on the QSD, the world is your oyster.

We are coming along nicely, ladies and gentlemen, just keep up the good work. Great push, and we'll keep it up here, make a name for us.


Yoshi Minawara

Commanding Officer
USS Vesta


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